Mabunga Training Academy has been operational since 2013. We specialize in training for both health and safety and technical skills. We have a pool of expertise in our faculty specializing in areas that serve numerous industries.


We believe in a comprehensive approach - becoming a part of our clients business and individual to meet their needs and challenges in work environment but mostly we want to support the companies to achieve quality product by offering the best training ever and to help all people who are looking for jobs and necessary skills.


As a new generation training academy we have a firm commitment to our client and course participant which is to ensure that there is a measurable impact and sustainable change as a result of your learning experience with us. 




We envision sin delivering sustainable training which will have the best result, best performances, profitability or efficiencies, but no matter what option you choose, clients will receive excellent - customer service, but more importantly client will receive the most in-depth and practical training available anywhere in South Africa.




Our dream is to unlock the potential of South African citizens by using our talents, experience and skills, collectively to energize and design deliverable initiatives that make positive impact in the lives of our people.




At Mabunga Training Academy course provided a quick and easy way for an individual or small team to quickly get up to speed on specific skills set. These courses are scheduled throughout the year and are held in professional training facilities across the length and breadth of South Africa and extend to neighboring countries.


We provide the following training courses:


Cashier                                             2 Weeks                                 R700.00

Welding                                            1-3 Months                             R3600.00

Fork Lift                                            1 Week                                   R750.00

Waitress                                           2 Weeks                                 R700.00

Cleaning                                           2 Weeks                                 R350.00

Pipe Fitting                                       1 Month                                  R6000.00

Fire Fighting                                     2 Weeks                                 R3000.00

Boiler Making                                   1-3 Months                             R5800.00

Fitter & Turner                                  1-3 Months                             R7000.00

Basic First Aid                                  2 Weeks                                 R2500.00

Drivers License                                1 Month                                  R3500.00

Health & Safety                                1 Month                                  R4500.00

Fire Arm Training                              2 Days                                   R1200.00

Security Training E, D & C                3 Weeks                                R1300.00

 General Security Practice

Level 1                                              3 Months                                R5000.00

Level 2                                              3 Months                                R5500.00

Level 3                                              3 Months                                R6000.00




This option provides a more economically friendly and convenient training solution for companies with 8 or more course participants. Any of our training courses can be supplied off the shelf or can be customized to meet the unique needs of the team.


Our team is uniquely qualified to help you as a client, and we take all the guess work and worrying out of the equation.


To find out more about our onsite/ in-house training options and pricing please contact us on info@mabungaacademy.co.za




Mabunga Training Academy has full accreditation as a provider of education and training for the provision of learning programs with the services SETA.